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Technical Information


HHC SECURE   Downloadable application for determining calibration codes on PTE-1, PTE-2 & ST-2H (6MB).exe

HI-PI-.25% –     Accuracy Requirements For Standards To Test .25% Instruments.pdf

HI-PI-.50% –      Accuracy Requirements For Standards To Test .5% Instruments.pdf
HI-PI-4 to 1 –     Where The 4:1 Ratio Is Recommended.pdf
HI-PI-4 –             HVC Precision Pressure Volume Controller and Series 9 Digital Pressure Indicator.pdf
HI-PI-503 –         Gauge, Absolute, Differential, Compound And Vacuum.pdf
HI-PI-504 –         Bourdon Tube Information for Heise Dial Pressure Gauges.pdf
HI-PI-505 –         Models CC, CM and CMM.pdf
HI-PI-Dial   1 –   Temperature Compensation.pdf
HI-PI-Dial   5 –    Horizontal Calibration.pdf
HI-PI-Dial   6 –    Slotted Link Option.pdf
HI-PI-HVC-1 –    HVC Controllers.pdf
HI-PI-HVC-2 –    HVC Calibration.pdf
HI-PI-AH –           Adiabatic Heating.pdf
HI-PI-FM –           Flow Measurement with Handheld Calibrator.pdf
HI-PI-Gas Trans. – PTE-1 Gas Transmission Application.pdf
HI-PI-RFI -PTE-1–  RFI Description.pdf
HI-PI-ST-2H –      RFI Description.pdf
HI-PI-S9-1 –         Panel Mounting Operation.pdf
HI-PI-S9-3 –         “Tare” Option.pdf

HI-PI-S9-5 –         Min/Max Recall Option.pdf
HI-PI-S9-6 –         Hi/Lo Setpoint Option.pdf
HI-PI-S9-7 –         Temperature Compensation.pdf
HI-PI-S9-8 –         Setting Relief Valves.pdf
HI-PI-101A -         Electronic Pressure Instruments Cleaning Options X6B X6W

Adiabatic Heating Effects on Heise Dial Gauge - Test Report

RTD Programming Software for Use With the PTE-1, ST-2H and PM Indicator

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