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Press Releases


Ashcroft Donates Instruments to Mystic Aquarium (PDF) Ashcroft President & CEO, Steven A. Culmone presented 100+ Ashcroft® pressure and temperature instruments to Mystic Aquarium.

1009 Duralife® Gauges Now with Tubing Connection (PDF) Ashcroft 2 ½" and 3 ½" 1009 Duralife® pressure gauges are now offered with a tubing connection for convenient attachment to tubed systems.

The Instrument Doctor Is In (PDF) A process can suffer greatly when pressure or temperature instruments underperform or fail. Enjoy an ounce of prevention by allowing us to perform a free instrument audit that is like a house call for your plant. Our experts offer a full check-up to diagnose potential problems resulting from misapplied or malfunctioning gauges, transmitters, switches and more.

The New Ashcroft® A Series Stainless Steel Pressure Switch (PDF) The new A Series pressure switch features all 316 stainless steel construction and provides a weatherproof IP67 enclosure. Able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and environments, the new A Series pressure switch carries certifications from UL, CSA, CRN, CE and RoHS.

Ashcroft Celebrates 160 Years! (PDF) Since 1852, the Ashcroft logo has become a recognized symbol of high quality, highly reliable pressure and temperature instrumentation. An ever-growing product line and an expanding global reach have established Ashcroft Inc. as a premier, world-class supplier!

Ashcroft Inc. Announces Expansion in China Operation (PDF) To meet the demands of the Chinese OEM marketplace, Ashcroft's China (Suzhou) operation has been expanded. The additional manufacturing space will be used to produce electronic pressure transducers.

Eliminate the Need for Expensive Halocarbon Filled Pressure Gauges (PDF) When pressure gauges are subjected to severe vibration and pulsation, they traditionally require a liquid fill to stabilize the pointer. If the pressure medium is an oxidizing agent, the fill fluid of choice is usually Halocarbon oil. With the unprecedented increase in the price of Halocarbon products, gauges filled with Halocarbon oil have become prohibitively expensive. So why pay several times the cost of a standard dry gauge when you can choose the exclusive Ashcroft® PLUS!™ Performance feature?

The Ashcroft® PLUS!™ Performance Option (PDF) The industry-staple Ashcroft® Type1279 Duragauge® pressure gauge is available with Ashcroft patented PLUS!™ Performance for installations subject to high vibration and pulsation. Durable and consistent, the Duragauge® PLUS!™ efficiently quiets pointer flutter without the need for traditional liquid fill. To enjoy the benefits of a steady pointer without the need for liquid fill, consider the Duragauge® PLUS!™ pressure gauge for any industrial application where heavy vibration and pulsation are present.

The Ashcroft® PLUS!™ Performance Option (Spanish Version) (PDF) The industry-staple Ashcroft® Type1279 Duragauge® pressure gauge is available with Ashcroft patented PLUS!™ Performance for installations subject to high vibration and pulsation. Durable and consistent, the Duragauge® PLUS!™ efficiently quiets pointer flutter without the need for traditional liquid fill. To enjoy the benefits of a steady pointer without the need for liquid fill, consider the Duragauge® PLUS!™ pressure gauge for any industrial application where heavy vibration and pulsation are present.

The Heise® High Precision Digital Output Transducer (PDF) The Heise® DXD digital pressure transducer delivers the unique benefits of digital communication at a bargain price. This versatile pressure transducer is now available with a LabVIEW™ driver and a powerful new LabVIEW™ based utility software that allows the user to address, configure and monitor one or more DXD transducers.  The Heise DXD features wetted materials and a rugged enclosure made of 300 series stainless steel, designed to stand up to a wide variety of process media and environments.

Steve Culmone Named CEO and President of Ashcroft Inc.

Protect Your Pressure Instruments with Media Isolators (PDF) Ashcroft® pressure instruments can be configured with media isolators specifically engineered for harsh or corrosive process liquids and gases. Whether the measuring device is a dial gauge, switch, digital gauge or transmitter, there is an Ashcroft diaphragm seal or other isolation device that can be mated for complete media protection.

New Connections for G2 Transducer (PDF) We are happy to announce the availability of new inlet ports and electrical connections for the Ashcroft G2 Transducer. With superior performance and versatility, Ashcroft G2 is designed to meet the requirements of new applications in a growing list of industries. All three of the new electrical connectors offer outstanding protection against moisture penetration while proven latch designs prevent inadvertent disconnection due to shock and vibration.

Bimetal and Gas Actuated Thermometers (PDF) Ashcroft’s temperature indicators and thermowells are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our Duratemp® and direct drive thermometers use the principle of gas expansion to accurately transmit temperature changes through a gas filled capillary to a remotely located gauge. With the elimination of mercury, our ASME B40.3 rated bimetal and gas actuated thermometers are safe, reliable and backed by our 5 year warranty.

Custom Pressure Transducers...Modified and Tested to OEM Requirements (PDF) With an expert engineering staff and a state-of-the-art test facility, Ashcroft has the flexibility to customize and verify our sensors for the special requirements of your OEM application. Ashcroft offers special testing, mechanical, electrical or performance modifications to ensure the custom pressure transducer you require is in your hands.

The GC52 Differential Pressure Transmitter - Now with Flow Measurement Capability (PDF) Ashcroft’s easy to set-up and install GC52 differential pressure transmitter provides a highly cost effective means to acquire differential pressure based flow measurements. Simple push-button settings let the user program the correlation between pressure and flow rate while the on-board square root extraction calculation accurately yields a representative flow measurement.

The 1130 Series - Our Most Popular dp Gauges! - Press Release (PDF) Ashcroft’s 1130 Series differential pressure gauges offer a high quality, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of differential pressure measurement applications. Whether you are monitoring filtration systems, detecting leaks or measuring flow, Ashcroft® 1130 Series differential pressure gauges promise to deliver the highest reliability, value and performance.

Heise® Precision Pressure Instruments for High Accuracy Requirements - Press Release (PDF) Heise’s precision pressure instruments provide the high accuracy measurements required for critical test, calibration and process applications. The unique blend of Heise’s product configurations provides reliable and precise readings when measurement certainty is imperative.

Ashcroft® CSA Rated Dual Seal Flameproof Pressure Switches - Press Release (PDF) Ashcroft’s dual seal flameproof pressure switches were designed to ensure pressure media containment in the unlikely event of a breach in the primary sensing diaphragm. The dual seal flameproof pressure switches were developed primarily for the Canadian oil and gas industry and it’s enhanced with a second diaphragm barrier in which its safety design meets the requirements of the CSA and ANSI/ISA.

New Types 510 & 511 Diaphragm Seals - Press Release (PDF) Ashcroft’s Types 510 & 511 diaphragm seals are the newest addition to the expansive line of Ashcroft instrument media isolators. The diaphragm seals are economical and designed to protect pressure gauges, transmitters, switches and other instruments against the potentially harmful effects of caustic media.

Ashcroft® Instruments for Sanitary Processes - Press Release (PDF) There is no room for compromise when controlling contaminants in sanitary applications, especially when you’re monitoring process pressures. Ashcroft’s sanitary instruments are configured with industry-standard electropolished Tri-Clamp® sanitary connections for ease of cleaning and removal. So if your needs include a gauge, switch, digital indicator or transducer, Ashcroft has a sanitary instrument to suit your application.

The Innovative GC35 Pressure Sensor - Press Release (PDF) Ashcroft is proud to introduce the GC35 pressure sensor; our latest innovation in pressure monitoring and control. The multi-function GC35 pressure sensor can perform all of the functions of a transducer, digital indicator and a pressure switch, simultaneously or independently. The GC35 pressure sensor is a great choice for automated process and manufacturing applications.

A Christmas Tree Gauge for All Seasons - Press Release (PDF) The Ashcroft Type 1020S pressure gauge is specifically designed for monitoring pressures on "Christmas tree" control assemblies located on top of oil and gas wellheads. This rugged 4 ½" diameter gauge is constructed with stainless steel exterior and wetted parts to resist the potentially damaging effects of petroleum pressure media.

DXLdp Low Pressure d/p Transmitter for Pharma, Cleanrooms and More... - Press Release (PDF) The innovative Ashcroft® DXLdp low differential pressure transmitter is a favorite for critical air flow, room pressure and air handler applications. Simple installation, low maintenance, easy validation and high reliability all add up to significantly reduced costs of operation Ashcroft® DXLdp low differential pressure transmitter.

Ashcroft® A-Series Miniature Stainless Steel Pressure Switches - Press Release (PDF) Small dimensions, a choice of connections and a field adjustable set point make the A-Series pressure switch easy to configure and install in nearly any alarm, shutdown or control application. Ashcroft’s A-Series pressure switches are designed for tough OEM and industrial applications requiring a durable, high quality miniature switch.

Heise® PTE-1 Calibrator & ST-2H Test Indicator - Press Release (PDF) The Heise® PTE-1 handheld calibrator and ST-2H benchtop pressure standards offer practical, state-of-the art features specifically designed to meet modern in-line or cal-lab test requirements. Each is equipped with features that facilitate common calibration tasks such as setting pressure switches and relief valves and calibrating pressure transmitters and meters. If you are measuring or monitoring pressure, you’ll likely have instruments in need of calibration.

GC30 and GC31 Multi-Function Pressure Sensors - Press Release (PDF) Measuring only 1.2” square, the new Ashcroft GC30 & GC31 digital pressure sensors pack substantial utility into a tiny IP40 rated enclosure. The GC30 & GC31 pressure sensors perform the functions of a transducer, digital indicator and pressure switch. Its features include a 1-5Vdc analog output, 3. Digit LED display and dual programmable switch contacts.

CXLdp Low pressure d/p Transmitter Now with Voltage Output - Press Release (PDF) The Ashcroft® CXLdp low pressure transducer is now available with jumper-selectable 0-5 or 0-10 vdc outputs, as well as the original 4-20mA output configuration. Specifically engineered to provide stable, reliable differential pressure measurement in HVAC building control systems, the CXLdp is available in bidirectional and uni-directional ranges.

Type 1082 & 1084 Master Gauges - "Put Ashcroft® to the Test" - Press Release (PDF) The calibration you perform is only as good as the master instrument you use for comparison. That’s why Ashcroft has carefully engineered the Type 1082 and 1084 test gauges for sustained accuracy and high reliability.

Ashcroft Inc. Announces New Product Test Lab Facility - Article (PDF) We are proud to announce the completion of a new product test center at our world headquarters in Stratford, Connecticut. Specially adapted, much of the equipment can be integrated to allow extreme condition tests to be performed simultaneously while the products are operating under variable pressures. Ashcroft Inc. engineers are using this environmentally controlled test facility to develop new products and provide expeditious, custom engineered solutions for challenging applications.

Ashcroft Inc. Announces New Product Test Lab Facility - Press Release (PDF) The Ashcroft® T2 pressure transducer expertly counters the inaccuracy obstacle with the use of state-of-the-art digital temperature compensation. The result is a significant reduction in temperature error, yielding performance up to five times better than similarly priced pressure transducers.

T2 - The Affordable Pressure Transducer That Gets It Right!

Ashcroft Inc. Acquired by Nagano Keiki Co.

Ashcroft Inc. To Be Acquired by Nagano Keiki Co.

Formation of Ashcroft Holdings, Inc.

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