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Heise® Model PTE-1 Dual Display LCD Handheld Digital Calibrator


This model has been DISCONTINUED as of 4/1/2017

Refer to model PTE-2 handheld calibrator; a complete redesign and upgrade to the model PTE-1.


 The Heise® PTE-1 has set a new standard for precision pressure test and measurement instrumentation. With the unique Quick Select™ modular sensor system, the PTE-1 can be easily configured to measure ranges from 0-0.25 in.H2O to 0-10,000 psi. Quick Select™ interface modules add temperature measurement with RTDs or thermocouples, while on-board jacks provide measurement of voltage and current (mA). Two sensor bays and a twin LCD provide simultaneous display of any two measurements.

Application specific features support common calibration tasks such as setting pressure switches and relief valves and calibrating pressure transducers. With the datalogging option, calibration results can be stored for subsequent upload to a PC.

Field tested and proven reliable, the Heise® PTE-1 is the popular choice for portable pressure calibration around the world.

For benchtop applications, the Model ST-2H is similarly equipped and shares the same Quick Select® modules.

Standard Features
  • Measures pressure and temperature (with RTD and thermocouple interface modules)
  • Measures mA and volts via on-board input jacks
  • Can hold 2 sensor modules and display any 2 readings simultaneously
  • Measures high static D/P across two modules
  • Ranges from 0-0.25 in.H2O to 0-10,000 psi
  • Available in gauge, compound, absolute, vacuum and differential ranges
  • Accuracies from 0.1% F.S. to 0.025% F.S.
  • Push-button zero adjust
  • Trip point/deadband calculation for pressure switch calibration
  • "% accuracy" feature for transducer/transmitter calibration
  • Min/Max memory for relief valve setting and burst testing
  • 1 programmable and 12 selectable engineering units
  • Pressure decay rate calculation for leak testing
  • Variable damping
  • Tare eliminates pre-existing system pressure
  • RS232 output
  • Field calibration capability
  • Gas flow calculation with pitot tube or annubar
  • Runs on 2 alkaline 9v batteries (or optional AC power adapter)
  • NIST traceable certificate of calibration
Optional Features
  • Intrinsic safety / FM approved, Class 1, Division 1
  • EMI / RFI immunity per CE requirements
  • Data logging and upload of up to 714 data points
  • Enhanced LCD for low temperature operation
  • Enhanced sensor processing; maintains rated accuracy from 20-120°F
  • AC power adapter
Optional Accessories
  • Hard or soft carrying cases
  • Contoured protective jacket
  • 24 volt external loop power supply
  • Voltage adapter to allow switch testing on live, 110 or 220 Vac switches
  • RTD probes

Product Information
Installation & Maintenance Information


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