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Choose Heise for your calibration needs

Heise instruments can be calibrated in an ISO 17025-accredited calibration laboratory, certified by the ANSIASQ National Accreditation Board(ANAB). We're available to certify pressure instruments with ranges from 0.25 inH2O up to 12,000 psi with accuracies as high has 0.025% of span.
We have a dedicated lab staffed with technicians who are trained and certified to perform ISO 17025 calibration certifications for any analog pressure gauge, transducer, handheld calibrator base unit, or pressure module that we make.

New PTE-2 Handheld Calibrator

Put an Even Better Pressure Test Lab in Your Hands...

The Heise® PTE-2 handheld calibrator offers, a USB port, SD card, backlit LCD and an onboard loop power supply. Like the original, the PTE-2 accommodates two Quick-Select™ modules to measure pressure in ranges from 0.25 in. of H2O through 10,000 psi and temperature over a wide range with RTDs or thermocouples. Equipped with input jacks for current and voltage, up to three measurements can be displayed simultaneously. In addition, a variety of menu-driven calibration and recording features is provided through simple front panel commands.

Now is the time to upgrade from PTE-1 to PTE-2 handheld calibrators by taking advantage of our special offer. Because the sensor modules are different sizes, we’ll provide up to four FREE new housing retrofits with the purchase of every PTE-2. With these simple housing conversions, you can continue to use your existing sensor modules. For details, please email: mike.cody@ashcroft.com

DXD Precision Digital Pressure Transducer

Just How Good Can a Pressure Transducer Be?

The Heise® DXD digital pressure transducer measures and reports pressure like never before. Up to 99 addressable DXD transducers can deliver pressure data directly to a PC or data aquisition device without the need for A/D conversion. Rated at ±0.02% FS, the DXD is available with a LabViewTM driver and utility software. Learn more about the DXD...

New "Quick Guide" for Heise® Products

Our new Quick Guide, HQG-1, gives you a quick overview of Heise® products in only 4 pages. Easy to view and ready for printing, this consolidated reference will help you choose the best instrument for your high accuracy pressure measurement and monitoring application.


Transducer in vibration test

New Test Lab Facility at Ashcroft Inc. World Headquarters

 We've completed a new product test center, outfitted with specialized test equipment to simulate weather, vibration, extreme temperatures and more. Read more about our expanded capabilities and how we can use them to help you…

Heise Precision Pressure Gauge

The Legendary Heise® Precision Pressure Gauge

The need for an ultra-high accuracy dial-mechanical pressure gauge is here to stay. Whether the application is a critical process, redundant monitoring or as a master calibration gauge, the Heise® precision pressure gauge delivers +/- 0.1% FS accuracy without the need for power or the threat of spark production in hazardous areas. Available in ranges from 0-12 psi to 0-100,000 psi, Heise® precision pressure gauges offer maximum resolution in dial sizes from 6 to 16 inches and in single or double revolution pointer excursions. To learn more about the three model types, click on CCCM or CMM.
The Heise Product Line

When Measurement Certainty is Imperative...

Heise® precision pressure instruments provide the high accuracy measurements required for critical test, calibration and process applications. The unique blend of product configurations includes the renowned Heise® 0.1% precision dial pressure gauge, the modular PTE-2 handheld calibrator and high accuracy digital pressure indicators and transducers. With ranges from 0.25 inches of water to 100,000 psi and accuracies to ±0.025% FS, Heise® precision instruments provide reliable, precise readings when measurement certainty is imperative.


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